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Setting Goals? Make a list

Our clients often ask us, how to stay consistent and achieve their fitness goals. We say make a list and work towards it every day. Here is my list for example: 1. 100 pushups per day 2. Create 1 blog post per day 3. Create 1 social media post per day 4. Learn/ review 10 medical concepts per day. No, not all of them have to do with fitness, weight loss, muscle building etc. We help our clients create a balanced life with fitness seamlessly integrated. Do I complete all the tasks every day without fail? nope, not even me. Some days, there a medical emergency at work and I have to stay back to make sure the patient pulls through, on others there is a family event or what not. But here is the c

Boosting your testosterone? Why is it important?

I've recently come across an article in a fitness magazine about the top five ways to increase your testosterone levels. They mentioned getting more sleep, playing competitive sports, decreasing alcohol intake, eating a Mediterranean diet and if everything fails speaking to your doctor. All valid reasons! Well let's pretend that I'm your doctor, as that's what I do for living, I help my patients combat diabetes, hypertension and occasionally low T. To begin lets discuss what is testosterone? previous known as the male hormone is actually a misnomer as females have testosterone as well but 7-8 times less. In short and without putting anybody to sleep, it promotes protein synthesis that contri

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