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Boosting your testosterone? Why is it important?

I've recently come across an article in a fitness magazine about the top five ways to increase your testosterone levels.

They mentioned getting more sleep, playing competitive sports, decreasing alcohol intake, eating a Mediterranean diet and if everything fails speaking to your doctor.

All valid reasons!

Well let's pretend that I'm your doctor, as that's what I do for living, I help my patients combat diabetes, hypertension and occasionally low T.

To begin lets discuss what is testosterone? previous known as the male hormone is actually a misnomer as females have testosterone as well but 7-8 times less.

In short and without putting anybody to sleep, it promotes protein synthesis that contributes to changes in your mood, energy, sex drive, muscle growth and recovery.

And yes, higher T levels are associated with Male-pattern baldness in both males and females.

But for the most part it is a good hormone, one that improves quality of life if levels are appropriate.

Low T-levels are highly unlikely in healthy adults both male and female, so before you jump to supplements, etc, get tested. As high levels are associated with increased risk for stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Ask your doctor to check you blood hemoglobin level at the same time as anemia is a much more common.

Also, Ask your MD to test you for HIV, B12 level, Folate level, Hypothyroid, and diabetes, as these conditions frequently manifest with low energy.

Finally, If you need help getting active and eating right to boost that T-level get in touch

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