Setting Goals? Make a list

Personal Training Toronto

Our clients often ask us, how to stay consistent and achieve their fitness goals.

We say make a list and work towards it every day.

Here is my list for example:

1. 100 pushups per day

2. Create 1 blog post per day

3. Create 1 social media post per day

4. Learn/ review 10 medical concepts per day.

No, not all of them have to do with fitness, weight loss, muscle building etc.

We help our clients create a balanced life with fitness seamlessly integrated.

Do I complete all the tasks every day without fail? nope, not even me.

Some days, there a medical emergency at work and I have to stay back to make sure the patient pulls through, on others there is a family event or what not.

But here is the catch, if you create your list and post it on your fridge or where ever you see it, you'll strive towards completing the tasks.